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Spiritual Psychology & Self Discovery

Reverse Web ImageWelcome to Infinite Connections, a provider of spiritual counseling and self-discovery for people from all backgrounds. There are many times in our lives when we need natural healing to get through difficult situations. Despite our religious beliefs or spiritual understandings, and no matter how much we try to make it different, there are times when we have a hard time feeling connected to our true self, which holds the power of infinite love, deep connection and gratitude for all life offers. We all have struggles and experience events beyond our control. When relationships collapse, when our lives seem to be crumbling, or when our health fails, we can feel abandoned by everyone, including ourselves, and are left feeling empty and lost. Here at Infinite Connections, you have the opportunity to receive the support you may have wished for, but didn’t know existed. 


On this site, we offer several books and CDs that provide you with an understanding of how to begin your own healing journey. In addition, you can seek spiritual counseling from Dr. Sandy Sela-Smith through phone consultation, or arrange for her to come to you.  Click Here: Products;  Click Here: Counseling


We provide information about the upcoming healing workshops presented by Dr. Sela-Smith. We design these workshops to support you in accessing your true and essential self. Unaddressed childhood trauma, painful life-events, disappointments and tragedies from any time in your life can eat away at you emotionally, until they show up in your body as stress responses that lead to physical illness and in your mind as emotional disturbance and psychological disorders or spiritual despair. Click here: Workshops


Infinite Connections uses a Jungian based depth psychology approach combined with Clinical Hypnotherapy and years of study with Shamanic Healing practices, to support you in accessing long buried trauma and unconscious belief systems that have led to conscious or unconscious thought patterns, blocking you from living the life you came to live. Dr. Sela-Smith supports you to experience an authentic life by discovery of what blocks you from the life you came to live. You can release chronic problems, heal troubled relationships, and meet life’s difficult challenges with grounded strength instead of false strength. You can experience freedom from the inner prisons and outer cages that may have kept you trapped for decades. You can discover how to talk with aspects of yourself that can, at times, control your behavior that is not in your best interests and learn to speak the language of your body to communicate with your body systems and cells to understand your body’s purpose for pain and illness. This has the potential to lead to deep levels of healing. Working on these deeper, often unaddressed levels of your being can free you from oppressive thoughts and feelings related to anxiety and depression. For those open to the idea, inner journeys can take you into your genetic consciousness passed on to your from past generations, what Jung called the collective unconscious that holds species-wide beliefs and patterns, or even past lives where unresolved life issues came in with you when you were born. Click Here: PsychoSpiritual Therapy



As a licensed mental health counselor, Dr. Sandy Sela-Smith supports you in getting through a difficult time in your life, as well as getting to the deep roots of that problem and begin the healing process. Finding the courage to face what frightens you allows you to reconnect with your wholeness. When you understand and experience your wholeness, you learn to appreciate and love yourself. And, when you love yourself, you are finally free to experience authentic love for others and appreciate, as never before, the precious gifts of life that are yours. Click Here: Intensive Therapy

Thank you for visiting Infinite Connections.We welcome you to look through the site to discover how our services, products, and offerings can support you. If you are looking for a professional spiritual counselor, or find something about which you want more information, contact Dr. Sandy Sela-Smith by clicking  (Contact Us ) to send her a message.