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Articles Focus on Self Discovery

Whether the articles below are true stories from my life, like Samuel’s Gift or Darling Darla the Dragonfly, are Blog style articles such as Impending Doom, Mirror of Evil, or Letting Go of Financial fear…or more academically oriented articles such as Heuristic Self-Search Inquiry, what all the articles have in common is they provide pathways for your personal self-discovery.

Recall the most famous words of Socrates, who said, “An unexamined life is not worth living” and the ancient Greek aphorism, “Know thyself,” often attributed to Plato. Let yourself look into the mirrors embedded in these articles that reflect back something of yourself through your responses to what you read…and allow a greater depth of your awareness of yourself to unfold in the process.

Until we know our true selves and discover what hidden patterns form thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that unconsciously control our lives, we will not be able to create lives and experiences that contain the greatest meaning to our souls. Each of us came here to explore, to discover, to experience, to know, and to express our unique being in the world through what we create in our lives, as what we do in the world flows from who we are. But our disconnection from our essential self,–the being that we really are–causes us to live our lives feeling empty, fearful, threatened, angry, unsure, confused, and so much more. We live without direction and lack purpose or experience a sense of dissatisfaction in our lives, even if we have tried to force a purpose and direction or have attempted to fill our time–or kill time–with distractions, no matter how creative or destructive those patterns might be.

Open to the possibility of discovering who you really are, as Joseph Campbell so poignantly stated, “…not the you that you cherish; not the you that you distinguish from other.” Once you know yourself, both you and your world will transform into what you wished for yourself from the very beginning. You will be able to create the life your heart once dreamed.

Written by sandy