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Impending Doom. . . Or Approaching Transformation

  The weekend of September 24th, I had the privilege of attending a powerful workshop in the mountains above Denver, Colorado presented by Howard Bad Hand, a Lakota Indian Chief. One of the topics for discussion had to do with what is happening in our world now and in the next 14 months related to… Read more »

Mirror of Evil – Sept 11 2001

Late in the evening of September 11, I decided that I had to write my feelings about the horror to prevent my own internal implosion from the agony that I was feeling. I wrote to my friends, to my family, and then decided to edit what I had written for a more general audience and… Read more »

Letting Go of Financial Fear

April 15: I was walking with my dog, as I do every morning, when I realized how concerned I was that I would have to pay more income tax than I had expected this year. My income had unexpectedly increased near the end of last year, and I had not planned for this in my… Read more »

Finding the Still Point: Chapter One

Readers Below you will find the first chapter of my nearly finished book with a working title of Healing. In early 2003 a CD that I had recorded with Daniel Kobialka, violinist from San Francisco’s Philharmonic Orchestra, was produced. (You can listen to an excerpt of it by clicking on the Shop icon and then… Read more »

Unaddressed Resistance in Psychotherapy – December 2002

Foundation for Codependent Therapeutic Relationshipsby Sandy Sela-Smith, Ph.D. OverviewThis literature review reveals two perspectives of resistance in psychotherapy. The first concerns the patient’s internal process of avoiding painful information and the second pertains to an attitude in the patient/therapist relationship. When Freud (1900) focused attention on the therapeutic relationship instead of the internal process of… Read more »

Another Way of Seeing: Being Trapped – November 2002

I woke up later than usual and the sun’s rays had already begun to turn the night rain into a steamy Florida morning. The very first responsibility every morning, after dressing and running a brush through my hair, is taking my 11-pound Lhasa, Jenny, for her half-hour walk. She is afraid of stairs so we… Read more »

Message in a Split Second – October 2002

Something happened recently that I didn’t understand at the time. I was driving in the far-left lane of the three lanes going east on Fletcher to a friend’s home for a celebration dinner. It was around 3:30 in the afternoon as I was headed toward Bruce B. Downs, major North/South road. Fletcher is a 6-lane… Read more »

The Message Behind a Picture – September 2002

(Written September, 1997) Almost no sleep for two nights bought on by completing the writing of a book, Dealing with Death Discovering Life, caused me to be so tired I didn’t think I could think any more. Lots had happened the last few days, including concern over money, computer problems that led me close to… Read more »