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Impending Doom. . . Or Approaching Transformation


The weekend of September 24th, I had the privilege of attending a powerful workshop in the mountains above Denver, Colorado presented by Howard Bad Hand, a Lakota Indian Chief. One of the topics for discussion had to do with what is happening in our world now and in the next 14 months related to the Mayan calendar that has been interpreted by some as marking the ending of human civilization on December 21, 2012. I have read extensively on this subject and have discovered differing perspectives of the meanings attached to our present time and the Mayan calendar.

Some believe the world will literally end following an increasing number of natural disasters that become more intense as that date approaches, destroying more and more of what we know of the world, until some final event obliterates whatever is left. Others believe that the numbers of humankind will be greatly reduced over the course of the time between now and that date, and that some people will remain to rebuild a human civilization based on a balancing of nurturing,  cooperation, and caring, which are healthy feminine principles, with an honoring of the unique qualities of the individual and the protective strength of the healthy masculine energy.

Others believe that we are approaching the End Times as predicted by interpreters of  the Bible who believe this Earth will be destroyed and those who believe in the Gospel will be transported to a New Earth, while the rest will be condemned to eternal hell. Still others believe that we are facing extinction, not unlike the dinosaurs of long ago, and a new species will eventually evolve to take our place bringing on the next cycle of life without humans. Still others believe that both nature and human folly will create unfathomable catastrophes and beings from other planets or galaxies will intercede, whether for good or for bad, to keep the toxic energies of our world from spilling over into the universe. But likely for the vast majority of people, this date of December 21, 2012 means just another day on the calendar, and maybe 4 shopping days until Christmas. And the seasons…they still go round and round on the Carousel of time.

The shaman who was leading our group of close to 20 people, suggested that Westerners interpreted the meaning of the calendar and the date it ends without asking the Mayans for their interpretation. He suggested the Lakota tradition closely aligns with the Mayans as well as a number of other ancient cultures, and they have a different interpretation of what is ahead. Instead of looking to the 21st of December of next year as the significant marked date of either ending, major change, or transformation, they believe the most significant period in human history occurs between the middle to end of October 2011…now!  They believe that as we approach that time in the next few weeks, there will be a series of natural disasters as the living Earth expands and shifts its own consciousness from old ways to the new.

For centuries, the Lakota and Hopi people have predicted that sometime in mid-October of this year, a fiery object will pass between the Earth and the Sun, possibly dragging other celestial objects with it, in a way that will create 3 days of darkness on the Earth. Many other natural disasters and Earth-changes will take place during this celestial phenomenon with the more critical time being between October 26-October 30th. Some believe that the celestial anomaly, called Elenin, which is believed to be a comet that is quickly approaching our solar system that is in the process of passing between the Earth and our Sun, is that fiery object predicted by the ancients.

The tribal interpretation is that this is a time to put the old away and create the new reality individually and globally. He suggested that it is not good to try to fix something that is broken, because if what was had worked, it wouldn’t have been broken. Instead, we need to let go of what is broken and create everything, anew, releasing all attachments to the old. The intention of this major shift in our world, according to the Lakota. is that it will allow movement of human consciousness to align with the consciousness of the Earth toward purification and what is pristine; they interpret the time in which we are living as a time of returning to innocence.

Instead of reacting to the major shifts and changes in the Earth with fear or by trying desperately to cling to the old, Howard Bad Hand recommended that we take this time to go within and meditate on the divine that is within each of us. If we are to move through this time successfully, we need to use the period of darkness as a time to contemplate the changes we need to make so we can create what is new…and to approach the disasters with stillness and peace, the only way we will be able to know what to do with all that is happening.

As a passing thought, he recommended that we consider storing enough water to last us 7 days for that last week of October.

It would be easy to dismiss the Lakota/Mayan interpretation of the last of October or the Western interpretation of the end of December 2012, as nothing more than the January 1st, 2000 scare that in the end amounted to nothing. But, it is possible that one of these two predictions is correct, or for that matter, any of the predictions made by those I mentioned, or any other might be true. I am not a reader of possible futures, and I have no need to make predictions as to which of the many prediction is true or not true, but what I do know, is that, collectively, humankind has, for a very long time, been walking a path that is not sustainable …it is a path that is toxic on many levels of our being, and the conflict that is everywhere is destructive of peace, harmony, justice and wisdom, the values that preserve us. As we look at the news of today, we can see that what we have created is crumbling under our feet because it is not based on connection with the divine in us; it is rooted in fear.  We need to find ways to live our lives differently based on the truth of who we are and the consciousness that knows we are safe because we are connected to the divine, instead of the values and beliefs inherent in conquering and aggrandizing as a way to create safety.

In a very significant way, it does not matter if the October 26-30th, 2011 predictions or the December 21, 2012 predictions literally take place, or if one or the other is really accurate. These predictions may be literal, or they may be figurative, telling us that we are entering a time when we will be given choices to change how we have been in the world. The 3 days of darkness may be a metaphor for what is happening within us and within our world, as we are given opportunity to metaphorically suffer and die, go into hell for 3 days and rise again into a transformed life.

What matters is whether or not we are willing to recognize who we are in our radiant Unique God Essence and willing to find the courage to live from that truth, whether we have a day, a month, many months, years, or decades left to experience living and creating what is good, what is profound, rewarding, and challenging…and what is worth maintaining with wisdom and respectful justice. As always, the choice between living in fear and living from the freedom of who we are is ours to make.

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