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Articles Focus on Self Discovery

Whether the articles below are true stories from my life, like Samuel’s Gift or Darling Darla the Dragonfly, are Blog style articles such as Impending Doom, Mirror of Evil, or Letting Go of Financial fear…or more academically oriented articles such as Heuristic Self-Search Inquiry, what all the articles have in common is they provide pathways… Read more »

Heuristic Researach: A Review and Critique of the Moustakas Method

Heuristic Research: A Review and Critique of Moustakas’ Method   The Last Frontier The idea of investigating the last frontier may create images of climbing to the heights of rugged mountain peaks or exploring the depths of the ocean’s floor, of developing far more powerful telescopes to peer into the farthest reaches of outer space… Read more »

The Ullman Method of Dream Appreciation

  THE ULLMAN METHOD OF DREAM ANALYSIS:  CONTENT AND CONTEXT by Sandy Sela-Smith, Ph.D., M.A, CHT  Dr. Montague Ullman, MD.9-9-1916 to 6-7-2008          Five simple words, “If this were my dream…” create the foundation of the Ullman process of Dream Appreciation, one of the most profound instruments I have found to unlock the messages in… Read more »

The Single Garment of Destiny

I received a message from the Peace Alliance that contained the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who said “We must all learn to live together as brothers or we will all perish together as fools. We are tied together in the single garment of destiny, caught in an inescapable network of mutuality. And… Read more »

Samuel’s Gift…On a Cold Winter’s Night

By Sandy Sela-Smith (c) 2005 I know that Florida’s cold in December does not compare to the cold in other parts of the world, especially when there is so much snow like the North has experienced this winter.  But as I write this to you, just a few days before Christmas, it is a crispy… Read more »

Darling Darla the Dragonfly

by Sandy Sela-Smith      © 2004 Jenny, my sweet puppy, and I met Darla the Dragonfly on a strangely cool Florida morning…strange because it was near the end of April, and April is almost always very hot and humid and this particular morning it was not only cool, but it was dry. Just a short time… Read more »

Impending Doom. . . Or Approaching Transformation

  The weekend of September 24th, I had the privilege of attending a powerful workshop in the mountains above Denver, Colorado presented by Howard Bad Hand, a Lakota Indian Chief. One of the topics for discussion had to do with what is happening in our world now and in the next 14 months related to… Read more »

Mirror of Evil – Sept 11 2001

Late in the evening of September 11, I decided that I had to write my feelings about the horror to prevent my own internal implosion from the agony that I was feeling. I wrote to my friends, to my family, and then decided to edit what I had written for a more general audience and… Read more »

Letting Go of Financial Fear

April 15: I was walking with my dog, as I do every morning, when I realized how concerned I was that I would have to pay more income tax than I had expected this year. My income had unexpectedly increased near the end of last year, and I had not planned for this in my… Read more »

Finding the Still Point: Chapter One

Readers Below you will find the first chapter of my nearly finished book with a working title of Healing. In early 2003 a CD that I had recorded with Daniel Kobialka, violinist from San Francisco’s Philharmonic Orchestra, was produced. (You can listen to an excerpt of it by clicking on the Shop icon and then… Read more »