Psycho-Spiritual Healing Sessions, Books, CDs, and Workshops



The purpose of this page is to provide the reader with links that connect to web sites that support the mind/body/spirit perspective and inspire and provide perspectives on living from wholeness. Hypnosis and Healing CDs David Illig’s Weight Loss CDs CD collection of Violin Music for Healing & Relaxation
Music by Daniel Kobialka as featured on Infinite Connections and on Sela-Smith’s Healing CDs Journal of Dreams and dreaming
:  Journal of Humanistic Psychology  Book Review of E Pluribus Unum Perspectives: Book Review written by Sela-Smith:  One Nation Under Therapy by Sommers & Satel Jeremy Geffen, Multidimensional Healing, The Journey Through Cancer, and the 7 levels of Healing   Religious and Spiritual Music


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