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Mental Health Counselor


     Florida: MH 6984 (Mental Health Counselor)

           (Expires 03-31-2017)

     Colorado:  LPC 5184 (Professional Licensed Counselor)

           (Expires 08-31-2016)

     Washington State: MHC 00010277 (Mental Health Counselor)

           (Expires 10-14-2017)

Dr. Sela-Smith is Certified by:

     NBCC # 216182  (Nationally Certified Mental Health Counselor)

           (Expires 10-31-2016)

     ACHE # 193-341 (Nationally certified Clinical Hypnotherapist)

           (Expires 12-31-2016)

     Professional Education Certificate/Wash. ST. #144690E

      (Teaching Certificate K-12) (Lifetime)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details


Address:                      13130 S. Foxton Rd.

Conifer, CO 80433

Phone:                         727-744-4976  or 303-838-2329


Web Site:           


Professional Details

Educational Background


Academic Qualifications


Qualified Degree Area of Study University
2001 Ph.D. Psychology Saybrook University
1999 MA Psychology Saybrook University
1989 China Teach. Certification China Teacher Placement ESL Western Wash. Univ.


5th Year Teacher cert. Education/Social Studies and Political Science University of Washington
1966 BA Education/Social Studies and Political Science University of Washington


Student Course History Report:  Saybrook Graduate School & Research Center

Date of admission:     6/15/94                                                  Degree Objective: PhD

Degree: Masters        Date degree granted: 3/29/99

Degree: Ph.D:            Date degree granted: 7/29/01


Course ID       Completion date         Units   Grade  Course Title

1000   10/2/94          3          CR       Theories of Inquiry

8230   5/23/95          1          CR       FG: History of Transpersonal Psychology

2050   7/30/95          3          CR       Psychopathology and Diagnosis

1080   10/11/95         3          CR       History and Systems of Psychology

3080   2/25/96          3           CR       Psychology of Shamanism

8100   2/25/96          3          CR       IS: Critical Analysis of Life History

8215   6/25/96           3          CR       Dreamworking and Personal Mythology

4040   6/25/96          3          CR       Systems of Healing

8100   6/25/96           3          CR       IS: Trauma and Dissociation

8100   6/25/96           3          CR       IS: Imagery and Healing

1010   7/30/96            3          CR       Critical Thinking & The Human Sciences

8256   11/20/97          1          CR       Sem: Relationships in the 21st Century

6020   12/13/97         3          CR       Developmental Psychology

2060   3/11/98           3          CR       Human Sexuality

1020   4/10/98           3          CR       Overview of Methods for Disciplined Inquiry

6060   6/12/98           3          CR       Ethics in Psychotherapy & Psychological Research

8100   7/21/98           3          CR       IS: Dream Analysis: Content and Context

8223   8/5/98             2          CR       Sem: Arts & Creativity:Personal & Cultural Healing

9400   12/1/98           6          CR       MA Thesis Research

8100   4/19/99           3          CR       IS: Counseling Theories & Practice

8100   4/19/99           3          CR       IS: Group Theory & Research

1140   5/3/99              3          CR       Case Study Methods in Psychology

6030   6/2/99             3          CR       Personality Theory and Research

1030   6/10/99            3           CR       Experimental Research Methods

2030   6/29/99           3          CR       Assessing Persons

9010   7/28/99           3          CR       Candidacy Essay #1    Tom Greening, Ph.D.

9030   12/1/99            3          CR       Candidacy Essay #3    Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.

9020   7/20/00          3          CR       Candidacy Essay #2    Jeanne Achterberg, Ph.D.

1100   12/12/00          3          CR       Research Practicum     Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.

9500    6/12/01           9          CR       Ph.D. Dissertation Research


Transfer Units: 0

Earned Units: 94            (74 Units required for graduation)

Total completed Units: 94  (Semester Units)


Thesis Title: Regaining Wholeness: A Heuristic Inquiry Into Childhood Sexual Abuse

Dissertation Title: Heuristic Self-Search Inquiry: Clarification of Moustakas’ Heuristic Research

Masters committee chair: Krippner  Committee Members: Chin-Shong

Doctoral committee chair: Krippner Committee Members:  Achterberg, Chin-Shong


Saybrook Graduate School  1-800-825-4480                      E-mail:

Training:  Continuing Professional Development


1998-1999:  Jeanne Achterberg and Frank Lawlis: Imagery and Healing (Year Long training)

1988 and 2003 Alan Cohen:  Week long Workshops in Self-Transformation

1997:  Barry Cohen: Art Interpretation in Therapy

1996-2013:  Stan Grof:  Breathwork

1996:  Michael Harner:  Shamanic Healing

1996:  ITA:  Shamanic Healing retreat in Brazil

1987:  Brugh Joy:  Accessing Inner Wisdom

1996:  Stanley Krippner:  Personal Mythology in Brazil

1994 -2001 Stanley Krippner:  Dream Interpretation

2011  Stanley Krippner: Personal Mythology

1987:  Denise Lynn:  Principles of Past Life Therapy

1987:  Matthew Manning:  Principles of Healing Touch

1998:  Carolyn Myss:  Anatomy of Spirit

1992:  Myers-Briggs:  Personality Type Indicator for Career Opportunity Consultation

1991-1992:  Qi Gong Masters of Baoji, Shaanxi Province:  Energy Healing

1992-1993:  David Quigley:  Alchemical Hypnotherapy  (400 hours training)

1997:  Ernest Rossi:  Hypnosis and Cell Level Memory

2004:  Francine Shapiro’s EMDR training

1998-1999:  Montague Ullman:  Dream Interpretation Group Leadership Training

1989:   Unity Training in Therapeutic Touch (Seattle)

2000:  John Upledger:  Craniosacral Therapy Training

1986:  David Viscott:  The Viscott Method


Academic and Administrative Experience:

Current Positions:  Author / Research & Adjunct Faculty Member / Editor / Psychotherapist/Workshop presenter




I began working with graduate students using a tutorial method to support them in writing graduate level papers for coursework. As those students advanced to candidacy, I continued to work with them in polishing their Masters Theses, Essays, and Dissertations. Recently, this expanded to providing private contract editing for graduate students and professional persons seeking to polish their presentations.



While still in graduate school, I began writing for the Dream Network Journal and for the Journal of Humanistic Psychology. I reviewed books for the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, and wrote for Perspectives, published by the Association of Humanistic Psychology. in 2004, I wrote E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many…One, published by Manitou Communications, and beginning in the fall of 2007 through the spring of 2010, I wrote a trilogy, The Meaning of Three. Book one is The Mask, book two is Behind the Mask, and book three is Under the Mask. (See the Products page for more details.) I am currently writing two books, one on Overcoming Obesity and the other is about Going Beyond a Cure for Cancer and other Life Threatening Diseases.


Research Faculty member at Sofia University, formerly, The Institute of Transpersonal Psych.       



Part-Time faculty member at Saybrook University                                   


Teaching areas:  Spirituality and Consciousness Track, include Heuristic Self-Search Psychology, Dream Research, Personal Mythology and Depth Psychology.  I also teach an APA Writing Course, and I am qualified to teach clinical psychology courses, having taken the Clinical Psychology track as well as Spirituality and Consciousness Track in graduate school.




Individual, couples, and family counselling, conducting workshops, and presenting seminars on inner healing, personal empowerment, and dream working using the Ullman method. National certification:  Clinical Hypnotherapist with the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE)

Though eclectic, my therapeutic and teaching work predominantly is founded upon a particular form of depth psychology that uses feeling to access the tacit level of individual consciousness from which self-and-world constructs are formed.  Life-changes occur when inaccurate, incomplete, or misinterpreted information is re-interpreted, made accurate, and is made more complete.  This in turn shifts the inner constructs allowing the individual to experience life as more flowing and satisfying, instead of blocked or disconnected from the core self and the world.  The ultimate objective in this healing process is the reconnection of the individual to higher spiritual consciousness, which holds the potential for transformation through deeper personal and transpersonal experience and understanding centered on connection with love of self and of others.


Previous Employment


From – To Job Title Employer
Oct. 1991    June 1992 Teacher-Assistant St. Petersburg College
Feb.1990     Oct.  1991 College Faculty Baoji Teacher’s College, PR China
Nov.1989     Feb. 1990 Substitute Teacher Seattle Public Schools
June 1978   Nov. 1989 Vice President Associated Whse. Inc., Seattle
Sept  1982   Aug 1987 State Coordinator Close-Up Foundation  (part time)
Sept 1966   June 1978 Teacher King’s High School, Seattle


October 1991 to June 1992:  (Academic)


After returning from nearly two years teaching and studying in the Peoples’ Republic of China, I was offered a non-budgeted, temporary teaching position at St. Petersburg College to work in several arenas. I taught English to ESL students and to deaf students, and writing skills to students who were at risk for failure I, also, counselled women who were re-entering education in mid-life through the Displaced Home Makers Grant program.



February 1990 to October 1991  (Academic)


English Teacher at Baoji Teachers’ College, Shaanxi Province, PRC.


For almost two years, I developed and taught courses in oral and written English,
American literature, and philosophy.  I was the only foreigner in a district of over three million Chinese.  I also taught in local high, middle, and primary schools, hospitals, and factories.  I received the Shaanxi Province Teacher of the Year award for both 1990 and 1991.


During my stay in China, I also studied with a group of Qi Gong masters and worked weekends in a Qi Gong clinic in Baoji, where I learned to discern subtle body energy and find ways to address and relieve body stress related to emotional and spiritual problems.


I was able to travel throughout China from Beijing to Urumqi and Kashi in the Far West and to Dalien, QingDao in the North East and Xiamen, Guangzhou in the South as well as Xining and Xian, and Loian in central China.  Because I was alone in China—not with other foreigners—I was not separated out and treated as a foreigner.  Instead, I was taken in and treated as a Chinese.  As a result, I had an opportunity that few foreigners ever experience.  Having developed close friendships, doors were opened into the interior of the people’s lives, and I was able to feel the heartbeat of another culture.  My own world-view has been transformed as a result.


November 1989 to February 1990      (Academic)

For several months between my training for teaching in China, and my actual departure, I substitute taught in the Seattle public schools K-12.  Shortly after beginning the position, I was asked to remain permanently as a teacher at Denny Middle School.  Though I was not able to take the position, I did remain until my departure from the US for China.


August 1982 to June 1987                  (Administrative)

I was the Washington state coordinator for the Close-Up Foundation.  I began as a volunteer, but my work developed into a part time position working with high school students and teachers in the local, state, and national educational studies program for citizenship education. Close-Up was a non-partisan, private foundation in Washington, D.C. In that position, I worked with television and radio news agencies, and the press, as well as with governors, state legislators, national congressmen, senators, and other public policy figures. I proposed and developed a regional Pacific Rim economics conference for educators, students, governmental agencies, officials, and businesspersons, to encourage dialogue and expand awareness regarding US foreign trade concerns.  I also developed the framework for a telecommunications program, which was broadcast on C-SPAN between the UN Ambassador, Jean Kilpatrick and Washington teachers at the 1986 state convention.


June 1978 to November 1989                        (Administrative)

In 1978, I joined my husband in the development of a commercial business.  It began as a two-person operation and, in 11 years,it  grew into a multi-million dollar enterprise with over 60 employees. My position evolved as the company grew.  As Vice President of the business, I acted as personnel manager and project director for the commercial products installation division of Associated Warehouses, Inc.  I was an adviser to architects, contractors, and designers in product specification, budget planning, purchasing, and installation of both common and highly specialized, technical products for commercial buildings.  I also acted as human resources director in dealing with employee concerns and grievances. I resigned from my position when I divorced and moved to China.


October 1968 – June, 1969  Seattle Public Schools. Substitute Teaching that led to full time placement at Denny Junior High School.

I had been in Tennessee with my husband who was in the Military until he was deployed to Vietnam. We arrived back in the Seattle area after the school year had begun. I substitute taught for that year, after which I returned to my previous school to continue teaching at the high school level.


September 1966 to June 1978  (With a year interruption from 1968-1969)   (Academic and Administrative)


I was a social studies teacher at King’s High School, a private non-denominational Christian school in Seattle, Washington.  I was class adviser and became department chairperson for the social studies department.  I assisted in curriculum planning and oversaw textbook selection and course content for K-12 social studies.  My teaching included Contemporary World Problems, World History, American History, Advanced Placement European History, and Advanced Placement Economics. 


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Sela-Smith, S. (in production) Odyssey into obesity: Releasing what weighs you down: (tbd)

Sela-Smith, S. (in production) Beyond the cure: Finding healing for the deeper causes of cancer and other life-threatening diseases: (tbd)

Sela-Smith, S. (in production) Touching the edge of eternity: A holotrophic journey into the past and future to find what was lost: (tbd)

Sela-Smith, S. (in Production) Tuesday’s With Tim: A year of journies into the past with discoveries about the present and future . (tbd)


Speaking Engagements 

May 11, 1999.  UK-International Society for the Study of Dissociation, Manchester, England. Title:  E Pluribus Unum:  Out of Many…One.

July 19 – 21, 2002 Seeding Spirit in Action, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florida: Title:  Healing the Self and the Planet Through Cell-Level Transformation.

February 1, 2003.  Florida Saybrook Students’ Association.  Title: The Effects of Heuristic

Self-Search Inquiry into Emotional Issues on the lives of Cancer Patients. March 12, 2003: Geffen Cancer Center, Vero Beach, FL:  The Emotional Effects of Subtle Energies in the Workplace.

March 30, 2003: Institute of Noetic Science, Florida Suncoast quarterly meeting title: Accessing Cell Level Consciousness.

October 13, 2003: University College extension of University of Maine. Title:  Accessing Inner Strength in Tumultuous Times.

October 14, 2003: University College extension of University of Maine. Title:  Discovering Psychological Connections to Physical Illness.

November 20, 2004:  International Society for the Study of Dissociation: Annual Conference: New Orleans:  LA.  Title:  Beyond Dissociation:  Learning to Live from the Authentic Self.  (CEUs offered)

February 10, 2005:  Quinebaug Valley Community College, Danielson, CT: Title:  Reducing Stress for Mental Health Professionals.  (CEUs offered)

February 12, 2005: Quinebaug Valley Community College, Danielson, CT: Title:  Healing Genetic Patterning.  (CEUs offered)

March 10, 2005: Quinebaug Valley Community College, Danielson, CT: Title:  Helping Clients Heal Inner Division.  (CEUs offered)

March 12, 2005: Quinebaug Valley Community College, Danielson, CT: Title:  Out of Many…One:  An Explanation of Dissociation from the Inside Out. (CEUs offered)

April 23, 2005:  Healing Retreats:  St. Petersburg Florida:  Spiritual Dimensions in Understanding and Healing of the Self  (For Women with Breast Cancer)

November, 8-10, 2005: ISSD: Annual Conference in Toronto: 3 presentations Original Dissociation: The Precursor to Dissociation, Mapping:  A Tool to Facilitate Integration in a Dissociative Personality, and Beyond Dissociation: Learning to Live from the Authentic Self.

November 14 – 19, 2005: Fourth Pan-Asia conference on Mental Health, Shanghai, China Original Dissociation: The Precursor to Dissociation.  (Nov 15)  Mapping:  A Tool to Facilitate Integration in a Dissociative Personality (Nov 17) Training for Conducting Research In China On Identification of Dissociative Identity Disorder (Nov 18 & 19).

November 8 – 11, 2006:  Los Angeles, CA Presentation to the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation. (3 presentations)

October 16, 2008: Denver, CO. Accessing Cell Level Consciousness for Spirit in the Workplace.

May 27-29, 2012-Clearwater, FL.  Experiential Workshop:  Living from Your Unique God Essence. Unity Church of Clearwater.

January 11-13, 2013-Clearwater, FL. Experiential Workshop: We are Still Here…Now Waht?  Unity Church of Clearwater.

August 26-28, 2013-San Francisco, CA, Saybrook University, Teaching workshop: Heuristic Self-Search Inquiry.

January 25, 2016-San Francisco, CA, Saybrook University, The Unexamined Life Is not Worth Living.


Scholarship and Research

In 2003, I conducted a research study with cancer patients relating to a potential link between emotional trauma during childhood, and the onset of Cancer later in life. Due to the closure of the Cancer Center in which the study was conducted, the project was not completed, though significant data was collected.  I would like to redevelop this study on a larger scale and see it to completion.

From 2007 – 2011, wrote on a trilogy, entitled The Meaning of Three: The first book, The Mask, second, Behind the Mask and the third, Under the Mask.  All three are written from an HSSI model of research.

Currently, I am researching the pandemic problem of Obesity using the HSSI method.