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On Leap Day, February 29th, 2012, I logged onto Linkedin and found a question for discussion posed by one of the members of the Spiritual Authors, Publishers, and Agents website which asked, “What would be a reason for why you think a person would read your book?”

And…I responded.

In the summer of 2007, I went to a psychic–a medium–of sorts who told me I was going to write three books. When I heard her words, I knew she was being used to tell me what a part of me already knew was to happen, though up until that moment, I had not consciously known it. Almost immediately, I saw the title of the trilogy: The Meaning of Three, and I saw the subtitles of each of the three books: The Mask, Behind the Mask, and Under the Mask. Each book has its own personality…the first is about the all we do to be acceptable to others and to ourselves, the roles we play and how painful those roles often become. The second is about what is hidden behind the mask of acceptability. There is so much we don’t want to know about ourselves and certainly much we don’t want others to know about who we think we are, usually because we believe we are what happened to us, or our responses to what happened. So we hide it all behind the mask and avoid knowing what is there in any way we possibly can. What is under the mask is the being we truly are, the unique god essence that has never been disconnected from the universal spirit, Universal God Essence, of which we are all a part.

The journey I took in writing this trilogy is something that called itself into being and became the creator of my life for 4 years. The books literally wrote my life. I believe there are people who will benefit from the learning that was a part of this magnificent journey I was called to take and those whose unique god essence direct them, will discover my writing in synchronous ways that I could never predict…just as I found the psychic and felt the truth of what she said.

Not a single book that has been written by anyone on this site is a mistake. I believe we all write, first and foremost for ourselves, and then, there are others who will benefit from what was written whether it is one other person, one hundred, one thousand, one million, or more…and those who are called to find the perfect book for their journeys, will find it. Sandy

A member of the Spiritual Authors, Publishers, and Agents site responded to my entry, saying, “I’m very intrigued by your words, Sandy” referring to my statement that my trilogy “called itself into being” ;  and my comment about, “the unique god essence that has never been disconnected from the universal spirit, Universal God Essence, of which we are all a part.”  She concluded with, “May many souls be drawn to the trilogy and come to know what lies beyond the mask!”

My response to her reflections seemed to arise out of that same inner place as did the trilogy:

Betty and anyone who might have been drawn to the descriptor I used for my trilogy, when I wrote that, “It called itself into being” and the reference to unique god essence (uge) and Universal God Essence (UGE):

I have cone to understand that everything in the universe is the physical manifestation of Universal God Essence.  Like our holographic cells in our bodies both form us and contain us, everything in the universe is a part of the form of UGE, as well as contains a unique for of god essence, with everyone connected to each other through our connection to UGE, which is in us and contain us whether we are aware of it or not.

Each unique form has energy and a life with intention, whether we recognize it or not. This is a much broader perspective than the very narrow view of the scientific paradigm that has directed our thought and perspective for nearly 500 years, a perspective that assumes only what we have identified as sentient beings are capable of having intention and life. For those who have studied this idea of interconnection, it is clear that our soul’s intention interacts in so many ways and on so many levels with the intention of other people and all “things” in physical form, not yet in physical form, or not in form. What drives the interaction of intention among all beings in the universe, is what Jung called synchronicity.

The energy of an idea can have an intention to communicate itself to me…and then to others through my writing and my intention. I can have an intention to increase my understanding of my spiritual being, so the idea, not yet in visible form, interacts with me, and also, with the energies that form my life. Together this interaction creates a book and a life that I live more consciously. Through this interaction, the book has come into form, and my unique god essence has created what it intended for my conscious self to learn.

I knew the psychic was telling me the truth when, back in 2007, she said I would write three books, because an aspect of myself knew of my intention and the intention of the energies that would bring a book into physical form. My unique god essence—always connected to Universal God Essence—drew the psychic to me so that my more limited, physical, conscious mind could reconnect with the knowing from which it had disconnected when I was a child.

Those who really connect with books (writing or reading them) know books have a vibration…a life of their own not limited by the ones who wrote them. And, those books come into our lives, whether we write them or read them, exactly when we need them. Books want to be expressed in physical form (or electronic form) because they have an intention, sometimes not even understood by the author until the book is finished, if even then.

Like you said, Betty, we draw to us what we need to advance as soul…and the most common way many use is tragedy of some sort. The likely reason for this is tragedy, trauma, or victimization has the potential to open us, if even for a very short period of time, enough to access what we normally avoid knowing because somewhere inside we believe that to know that pain consciously would be so devastating it could destroy us.

My own journey to healing has caused me to embrace the concept that most all of us do all we can do to avoid what our original consciousness interpreted as being an unfathomable, painful explosive separation when the formless whole comprised of all possibility came into three-dimensional form.  Much of consciousness interpreted the explosion as a terrifying separation and destruction instead of creation…and we experienced the belief in separation as being the ultimate rejection, abandonment, and destruction that would result in us being forever alone if not obliterated.

We have unconsciously and sometimes consciously carried that fear of the pain and obliteration ever since that first interpretation in all the evolutionary forms we have taken over eons of time…with “we” including each one of us. Even though everything in our experience provides a “flashing neon sign” announcing the ever-present truth of connection, we focus on our belief of separation and go about protecting ourselves from anything that would touch that unfathomable original pain.

We separate to avoid experiencing closeness that we believe will destroy us when closeness reminds us that closeness will only end in another painful separation.

We cling to other things we consider sources of security—other people, ideas, organizations, belief systems, money, possessions, status or whatever—to assure ourselves that the original pain cannot get us again…but our clinging cannot cover the pain we continue to hold within us. Clinging is, instead, a throbbing statement of our belief in separation and, as a result, cannot create the experience of connection.

I believe what I have come to call “Universal God Essence” which is, in part, the original formless whole which holds all possibility had and continues to have an intention of creating with connection, an intention reiterated in the very core of us humans when we grow in the womb from a single cell by separating and dividing itself in order to create connection and oneness…from one creating many and out of many, one. This intention toward connection in Universal God Essence and in all unique god essences is visible in the interdependence of the ecosystem and in everything in creation, and of the universe itself.

It is this intention of connection that pulses in all of us, whether we fight it or not, believe it or not, or experience it or not. My books wrote my life for the years I wrote them into being, as well as the years before writing and after they were finished as these books were calling themselves into being. My intention to know more of myself as unique god essence matched the intention of Universal God Essence and the intention of the unformed ideas that took form and gave birth to themselves in my books.

I suspect that even if other authors do not recognize this calling of their own books into being, their books calling them selves into being is true for them, as well.

This makes my heart smile.



Written by sandy