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Living from the God Within

We all came into this world with a Love-Filled, Spiritual Mission to become fully conscious in heart and mind of ourselves as unique spiritual beings having a human experience. And, each of us has our personal purpose in fulfilling that universal mission, These words are bantered about in spiritual circles, and though we think we understand the meaning of the mission, many of us have not fully embodied the awareness of who we are and have not completely embraced our purpose. Too often, we have become trapped in circumstances of fear that prevent us from knowing and experiencing who we are.

After going through her own time of not knowing, and then waking up to who she is, but resisting becoming who she came here to be, Dr. Sandy needed to release the fears that prevented her from trusting to be herself in this world. Finally embracing her unique purpose, she created a workshop to support participants to discover more deeply what they are here to uniquely do and release the fears that hold them back from being all they are in this 3-dimensional world.

When you become an active participant in Living From Your Unique God Essence, you will:

Experience who you are so you can compare that with who you think you are.

#  Discover what holds you back from being all that you came to be:

  • family patterns
  • genetic programming
  • childhood and life experiences
  • past life programming

#  Find out what causes you to hesitate at the brink of transformation and resist becoming who you truly are.

#  Have the opportunity to release what you fear and to let go of resistance.

#  Be supported in opening to the possibility of creating the life your heart once dreamed.

(Special focus will be given to the metaphoric meanings given to December 21, 2012.)

Call Dr. Sandy Sela-Smith at 727-744-4976 or 303-838-2329
to find out when this workshop will be presented 
or to ask about scheduling this workshop in your area.

Comments about the workshop:

May 19, 2012 Dr. Sandy Sela-Smith shared a wonderful, uplifting workshop here
for our congregation at Unity Church of Clearwater, Florida.
Her kindness and wisdom have lifted so many lives, and we welcome
her to make other presentations with our spiritual family.  
She is truly a blessing, and we appreciate her deeply.  

Love and Light, Leddy Hammock, Sr. Minister