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Photography is one way that we have to capture the magic of a moment in time of a sunset, a sunrise, a landscape, a city scape, a person’s face, a beloved pet, each expressing a visible heartbeat of the Invisible One that will never be duplicated again exactly as it was in that precious moment we saw it from our unique place in the Universe.


Animals are beautiful sparks of God that come into our lives to teach us so much, including the possibility of unconditional love. My sweet Jenny is such a one…

My little soul-mate Jenny, has often given me such precious moments that I could record with my camera. A dear friend Carol Cavalaris painted this portrait based on photographs of My 14 year old Lhasa. What a portrait!  What a friend!

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I share with you moments of inspiration when I felt the heartbeat of the Universe and captured in its magnificent beauty…the face of God. One such moment unfolded early Easter morning on Vero Beach, Florida when I knew I was allowed to see truth painted in the clouds that remind me that darkness is followed by the dawn of a new day, and I can choose to look at the new light that is flowing to me or look back and become lost again in the darkness.

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Before opening to the images below, click on the youtube address below to open your perspective to what we can see, if we will take the time to do so.

Live Today


Another time, while photographing beautiful spots in Colorado during the fall, I thought how we spend so much of our lives resisting change, and yet, we have displayed before us how nature embraces what we so strongly resist. We love to travel great distances to view the coming of fall and the changing of colors from  green to the yellows, rusts, oranges, and reds that blanket our world. And we watch as fall flows into winter with the first snow…and the stillness. Everything that once was is gone.






But just as the dark becomes dawn, so too does the winter turn to spring and the new buds of life remind us that the mystery of life continues…at times just as it did before, and at other times in brand new ways we could never have guessed. The wonder of the gift we have been given continues to unfold even when we have no idea how that will be.

Whether you are in the winter, spring, summer or fall of your life, there is so much for you to learn, to experience, to discover…that is not available in the other seasons. Embrace the gifts of the day, of the season…of life.

DSCN2840The Western Tanager came for a visit outside my window on this snowy Mother’s Day morning, 2014. Life is filled with many wonders if we would allow ourselves to look up from what does not add to our life, and far too often takes us away from the gifts that surround us.  DSCN2845