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Overcoming Obesity

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If we could release extra weight by knowing about calories and exercise, we would not be a nation–and a world–of overweight and obese people. As much as researchers, scientists, therapists, and weight experts have provided us with facts, we continue to grow larger and larger. Dr. Sandy Sela-Smith takes you into internal places where the patterns were formed, years, decades, generations, or even lifetimes ago to find the emotional keys that have kept you sinking in the quick-sand of extra weight.

  • Learn to recognize the emotional triggers that send you into patterns of self-destruction.
  • Discover how disconnection from your Unique God Essence leads you into seeking safety, love, acceptance, peace, and life meaning and purpose from all the wrong places.
  • Experience how connecting with your Unique God Essence leads you to live with healthy patterns.
  • Open to creating new behaviors regarding eating and exercise.
  • Discover a love relationship with your body that you may never have experienced before.



Weight Loss Counseling

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Dr. David Illig of, has created a powerful CD to support the listener in releasing patterns that have been programmed by our culture and by our experience related to food, drink, and exercise. His work is based on the same principles as I used this program to release 90 pounds in 2011 and continue to do the necessary inner work to release the rest of the weight to support me in feeling and being healthy.

Click here to link to Dr. David’s Right Mind