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Intensive Therapy

Winnebago, View

      In February 2012, Dr. Sandy drove her newly purchased RV from Florida to Colorado to begin an expansion in her work. She now travels throughout the country to present workshops and work with individuals in immersion therapy when limited phone work or the traditional hour-long therapy, or even extended phone session-work is not enough. Clients who need this kind of focused work are often going through major life crises, such as life-threatening illnesses like cancer, personal tragedy or life-altering events that need deeper work for healing. If you decide to do this profoundly transformative work, be prepared to be more honest with yourself than you have ever been before…and:

* Be willing to search inside for the answers that may have been difficult for you to accept.
* Open to experiencing the vulnerability of parts of yourself you may have avoided all your life.
* Accept that you have multiple levels and parts of yourself that are both light and dark.
* Learn to love and understand all parts of yourself, even those you have avoided or rejected in the past.
* Find out how to let go of your false self as you release the mask you have worn most of your life.
* Discover that you are not what happened to you.
* Face the pain, the darkness, and the shadows inside you that you have been trying to hide from others…and from yourself.
* Make connection with your true self and find the answers you have been looking for…and more.


With the support of her 24-foot Winnebago, View, Sandy can travel to where ever you are to process the struggles or crisis you are experiencing. In the safety and comfort of your home, she can work with you for several days, often processing through what could take months, if not years, to access and heal in traditional therapy.

This alternative therapy delivery system is offered to those who may not be able to travel where Sandy is located by opening the way for her to come to you. You would pay for travel expenses, which include the driving costs and campsite stays if the drive to get to you is longer than one day. You can compare the cost of her coming to you in the View with the cost of your transportation, hotel accommodations, and perhaps a car rental to decide what would work best for you.

You can decide how many days (based on 6 hours a day) you would like to plan for this work, and in some cases, if her schedule permits, the work can be extended beyond the scheduled time in a more open-ended plan. This form of intense immersion allows you to fully focus on the issue that is at hand without needing to go into a facility where you would have limited self focus and often are not encouraged to go deeply into the wounds that caused the issue to arise.

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