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Dr. Sandy Sela-Smith is a licensed mental health counselor and clinical hypnotherapist, who works with individuals, couples, families, and groups. She assists them in self-discovery using a Mind/Body/Spirit based Jungian depth-psychology process that has the power to unlock the doors and uncover the hiding places of fear, which block the full flow of life.Most conventional talk therapy deals with the conscious mind and the obvious cognitive behavioral patterns that are destructive to a person’s life, a method that can be beneficial to many to make effective life changes, as in, “If something you are doing is not working, stop doing it.” But sometimes, when we know what we ought to stop or even want to stop, there is something inside that does not let us stop, and when there is something we know we should do or want to do, something inside makes it nearly impossible to do it. Her life’s work has taught her that beliefs held together by feelings create patterns that need to be confronted if true healing is to happen in a person’s life.

Dr. Sandy does not label her clients as being disordered based on DSM categories, but rather works with the deeply buried unconscious patterns that far too often control their lives. She has chosen to not work with insurance companies because she chooses to work with clients. Sandy conducts most of her work with clients via telephone sessions, in the privacy of their own homes, though she does work face-to-face with in-person sessions before or after workshop presentations or with individual arrangements. Download the brochures below to read about Individual Therapy via the phone or  Immersion Therapy.



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When Traditional Therapy Is Not Enough

Individual Therapy

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There are times when a personal problem or a conflict in a relationship or family is at a critical stage and working with the problem in a therapist’s office for weeks or months is not feasible. In circumstances like this, you can arrange for Dr. Sandy to schedule the time needed for full focus on the issue to enhance deep level pattern changes that facilitates healing. Click on the brochure below to read about immersion therapy to see if this is something you would find beneficial at this time in your life.

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Immersion Therapy

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Immersion Brochure

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Dr Sela-Smith travels  throughout the country to present workshops and work with individuals in immersion therapy when limited phone work or the traditional hour therapy is not enough. Clients who need this kind of focused work are often going through major life crises, such as life-threatening illnesses like cancer, personal tragedy or life-altering events that need deeper work for healing.

Call 727-744-4976 or 303-838-2329, or email Dr. Sandy at if you would like more information about either phone sessions or Immersion Therapy sessions.


The work that Dr. Sandy does with her clients allows them to enter into the unconscious aspects of the mind, and the consciousness hidden in the cells of the body, the deeper and often darker places within where life patterns were formed to support the client in not just changing habits, but in transforming the meanings that were first placed on events and changing the patterns that block the flow of life.An infant placed in an incubator for several weeks following its birth can feel as if it has been abandoned, despite the fact that parents may have come to visit regularly. Though there are no thought-words that the little one places on the experience of being alone for long stretches in what can feel like an emotionally cold and mechanistic world, there are painful thought-feelings that can cause a deeply embedded belief, followed by behaviors that develop later in childhood and in adult life. A belief in abandonment can be expressed in behaviors that say, “I am not good enough for anyone to want to be with me.” Or, “No one can ever comfort me enough to help me feel better.”

Behaviors may arise that cause life-patterns of people-pleasing behaviors as a way to be sure no one ever abandons them again. On the surface this can feel rewarding, but deep inside there may be raging resentment that the only way to get love is to sacrifice self.  Patterns of unsuccessful relationships might form where no one ever is able to meet the person’s needs. When the child tries to be someone who won’t be abandoned, using whatever means possible  to avoid the original pain, the child tries to become “someone who isn’t going to be abandoned,”  repeating the pattern of abandonment, but instead, the person is abandoning him or herself by trying to be who someone else wants.The unconscious patterns of the incubator infant are created throughout life to avoid re-experiencing what was first interpreted as the life-threatening pain of those first weeks lived in the inhuman environment. But, the self-abandonment creates more of the same pain-creating patterns that sabotage the person’s life. This continues until the original pain is faced, the part of self, trapped in the painful past is embraced and the long held pain is relieved. This is only one of all the possible patterns that humans can develop, intended to create safety, but in fact, they create more pain.

With the relief of pain, new thought-feelings emerge, and life is lived from spontaneity and authenticity. Those first painful experiences are usually so deeply buried because the belief is that if accessed, the infant, the child, the young adult, the adult will die if he or she ever experiences it again. Often, it is necessary to have support in taking such a healing journey because the one who wants healing also holds the unconscious belief that to go there will mean death and, therefore, resists the very healing that is sought. Sandy’s work offers that support for her clients to re-enter the past event, as in the case given above, going back to the incubator to face the pain and rage deeply buried since infancy. When the inner-child, who is still living in the incubator—and has been there, perhaps for decades—is embraced by the adult-self with compassion and love, the painful feeling of being abandoned can finally be released.

With this work, it is possible for a lifetime of inhibiting patterns to dissolve as the person is transformed. Because most of the most painful incidents have been buried, our conscious minds are fully unaware of the source of present dysfunctional behavior patterns, making it difficult to find the roots of what disturbs us. Each person contains a unique history with his or her personal combination of feelings, thoughts, and meanings, embedded in the unconscious, which create the particular behavior patterns that block peaceful, joyful, purposeful life experience.

When our lives are not working, we may try many things to make them work. Addictions, distractions, focusing on others, or making plans and setting goals we hope will ease the pain, but the pain does not go away by superficial means. Even the rich and famous are oppressed by disturbances that all their wealth and fame cannot heal. Accessing the deeper levels, is in itself painful, and pain is the very thing that most of us spend our entire lives avoiding. However, if we are to experience true healing, true release that will allow us to live life in freedom, empowerment, and flow, we must be willing to face that pain, bring healing and truth to it, and finally connect with that essence our consciousness may have abandoned years, or even decades ago.

If this is the kind of work that you know you need to do to free your life from pain and emptiness, and to reconnect with your authentic self, long ago abandoned, you can schedule psychotherapy appointments with Dr. Sandy by calling: 727-744-4976 OR 303-838-2329 or email: