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      The MaskBehind The MaskUnder The MaskE Pluribus Unum

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Infinite Connections

The Meaning of Three Trilogy


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(389 pages)

Very early in our lives, we all put on masks as a survival device to present to the world whatever we determine will make us feel safe, will provide us security, and will offer the hope of love. We wear the masks and find ways to adjust ourselves to the world or to force our world to adjust to us. But in time the masks no longer work. They begin to crumble, and we are left feeling lost, alone, and afraid; However in the crumbling, there is opportunity to discover who we really are.

This first book in the trilogy, The Meaning of Three: The Mask is the story of the crumbling of the mask of the author, and the discovery of herself, along the way. What is important about this book is that it is not just about the author and her personal story, it has been told in a way that allows the reader to realize the existence of his or her own mask, and shines light onto the path that leads toward reconnection with the true self.

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Price: 20.97 ((plus $6.76 shipping & Handling) Total Charge: $27.73

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(385 pages)

We wear masks because of what we fear inside us. We are afraid others will know what we try to hide, and we are afraid we, ourselves, will become aware of we don’t want to face deep within. Behind the Mask dares to enter the darkest recesses of the mind, exploring the long-buried pain and agony of the author’s life as reflected in her childhood, her adult life and her bouts with cancer, as well as the dark places in the lives of others. She delves into unconventional, but powerful healing processes including past life experiences, and journeys into others realms of consciousness. When we garner the courage to face our fears and heal our wounds we become free to live life authentically.

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Price: 20.97 (plus $6.76 shipping & Handling) Total Charge: $27.73

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(353 pages)

Since the awakening of human consciousness, most all humans have experienced being separated from their true self, or what Dr. Sela-Smith calls our Unique God Essence. Most of us have grown to believe we are the mask that we wear, and some of us believe we are the darkness that lives behind our mask; in either case we live our lives in quiet and sometimes not so quiet desperation, feeling disconnected from something…without knowing what it is.
In telling the story of her own journey to find her true self, Under the Mask, Sela-Smith supports the reader in taking a journey to discover his or her Unique God Essence, and in finding the power and joy of living authentically, maybe for the very first time. .

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This is a deep relaxation and self-healing CD with music by violin virtuoso, Daniel Kobialka. Dr. Sela-Smith takes you on a journey from wherever you are as you, to places deep within yourself and then out into the universe to experience the harmony of the spheres that are also within you. She then leads you back into your body and guides you into your cells to access your cell-level consciousness to experience a cell level healing process. click play to hear a sample

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More Books

E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many…One

Price: 26.95 Limited Time Offer $20.97
(plus $6.76 shipping & Handling) Total Charge: 27.73

144 pages

Dr. Sandy Sela-Smith wrote this clinically based story of her own healing nearly two decades ago from extreme abuse in her childhood. The text was taken from journal notes and drawings following her sessions and from reflections made after the completion of her therapy regarding the process of integration.

This unusual book written by Sela-Smith and co-authored by Dr. Ben Keyes, the therapist who supported her in her healing, uses a series of images drawn during the process of healing from Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder as a ground for explaining the process of healing. These images depict the inner experience of many aspects of her self formed as a way to survive unfathomable childhood abuse as the splintered self moved from over 250 parts to oneness over the course of 18- months of psychotherapy. Therapist and Client trace the experience from their own perspectives while on Sela-Smith’s inner journey from fragmentation to integration.

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