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We’re Still Here: Now What?

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Video: We Are Still Here…Now What

Dr. Sandy presented a workshop at the Clearwater Unity Church in Clearwater, Florida, January 11 and 12 of 2013, in Clearwater, Florida. She will be presenting this workshop this spring and summer in various cities around the country. Check back to see the schedule or email her at if you would like this workshop presented in your area.

She will be supporting participants in discovering what she calls the unconscious cages that trap us and prevent us from experiencing the life we came here to live. One of the powerful cultural cages is the fear-based cage of destruction. Whether or not we are conscious of it,  our culture is used to looking at destruction and endings and focuses much attention on resisting destruction and endings: Whether in jest, which can camouflage fear; in concern as shown by money spent on movies, presentations, books, or more; in secret or announced plans of preparing for some horrific event that threatens our lives and our civilization; or in unexpressed fear,  we spent years focusing on 12-21-2012; In other arenas of our lives, we do all we can to slow the aging process to try to keep decline and death at arms length; we press on in life as a way of avoiding thoughts of death but often end up avoiding true connection to life without being consciously aware of what we are doing.

This is now a time to focus on creation and beginnings, not by denying or resisting endings, but by embracing the present and what our being would like to express each day we are gifted with life.


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Friday night 7-9

Introduction to the workshop

Fee:   Introduction, $20.

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Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Fee: $60 (Save $10 if registration is received before 01-01-13)

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Call Dr. Sandy Sela-Smith at 727-744-4976 to register in person

Sunday: January 13, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Dr. Sandy will work with those who would like to schedule private sessions.

Her session fee is $120 per hour.

Call Dr. Sandy Sela-Smith at 727-744-4976 to schedule a personal Session

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