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The World We Live In Today Can be Challenging

We live in a world that is on the edge, where everything seems to be split between contentious halves, in which any event can bring out the very worst in people on opposing sides.  Recent headlines tell us that any number of nations could begin preemptive war against The US as the US did in Iraq. Drones fly over head, threatening safety and privacy, not just from our country, but from an ever-increasing number of other countries who have developed or have purchased this technology.

Global warming is moving faster than scientists originally thought…disrupting weather patterns creating droughts and floods that threaten our food and water supply, while pollutions threatens our breathable air and the water that we do have. Meteors fly past us, many of which could impact the stability of the Earth should a big one crash onto our planet or devastate a city should a small one explode in  a populated region. The Earth is quivering and shaking on her own with tectonic plate shifts and volcanoes waking up, sinkholes swallowing people and buildings, and earthquakes threatening to disrupt huge areas.

The economies of major nations of the world are teetering on the edge, as well, and there is no way to predict how the collapse of the Yen, the Yuan, the Euro or some other currency would affect the US, much less the possible devaluation or collapse of the American dollar at home and in world markets.

Institutions that have existed for decades if not centuries or millennia are crumbling from the inside out as corruption and greed are shaking the very foundations upon which many humans have built their existence. And, as these financial, educational, religious, political, industrial, technological, military, and other institutions teeter, all of us are bracing for the potential chaos if they do fall. Many are metaphorically holding their breath to see if we will make it over this hurdle in human history.

Living on the edge has caused many of us to personally experience unprecedented stress, which is creating personal imbalance, disturbance in relationships and families, conflicts among groups of people and increasing threats within and among nations. One might see the Earth as a powder-keg ready to explode at any time…and, yet, WE ARE STILL HERE…NOW WHAT?

This workshop is focused on helping us discover who we are and how to live in this world on the edge…

to support us in

living in peace when there is war going on around us on so many levels and in so many arenas,

living from a place of love where venom of hatred seem to abound,

living in hope when outside us, so many are living in despair,

Becoming the light and living from that light when there is so much darkness,

And embracing joy despite the amount of sadness that exists in our world.

(Based on the prayer of Francis of Assisi in the 13th century)



Presented by Dr. Sandy Sela-Smith

We all came into this world with a Love-Filled Spiritual Mission, and each of us has our personal purpose in fulfilling the mission, which is to become fully conscious in heart and mind of ourselves as unique spiritual beings having a human experience. These words are bantered about in spiritual circles, and though we think we understand the meaning of the mission, many of us have not fully embodied the awareness of who we are and have not completely embraced our purpose. Too often, we have become trapped in circumstances of fear that prevent us from knowing and experiencing who we are. After going through her own time of not knowing, and then waking up to who she is, but resisting becoming who she came here to be, Dr. Sandy needed to release the fears that prevented her from trusting to be herself in this world. This workshop is offered to support participants to discover more deeply what they are here to uniquely do and release the fears that hold them back from being all they are in this 3-dimensional world.

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Living From Your Unique God Essence

In this workshop

# You will experience who you are instead of who you think you are.

# You will discover what holds you back from being all that you came to be.

  • family patterns
  • genetic programming
  • childhood and life experiences
  • past life programming

# You will find what it is that causes you to hesitate at the brink of transformation to see why you avoid taking the risk of becoming who you truly are.

# You will have the opportunity to release what you fear and to let go of resistance.

# You will be supported in opening to the possibility of creating the life your heart once dreamed.

(Special focus will be given to the metaphoric meanings given to December 21, 2012.)


Movie on 2012-04-04 at 21.06

Participants will experience a process that will connect them with his or her God Essence, perhaps as never before. On Sunday, you will participate in a series of processes designed to support you in becoming your true self in this world. It is so very easy to become unconsciously attached to what seems to be so real and what seems to be our purpose in life that we don’t notice that those beliefs are what our fearful personalities hold onto to create a false safety instead of allowing us to create what our hearts once dreamed.

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We were meant to be the creators of our universe; however, most of us learned to follow patterns of others without realizing what we did. Much of the world you currently experience you inherited…And Your World Is Not Your Own…Learn to identify the sources of both your internal and external worlds you assimilated when you lost the freedom to create what your soul wanted. Discover how to release the patterns that formed your world and no longer work for you. Experience the effects of the new world you are creating and live the life your heart once dreamed.

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From very early on in our lives, nearly every one of us experienced something that caused our conscious awareness to separate from our authentic selves–or what I call the Unique God Essence–which is our true identity. We put on the mask of our personality, and our consciousness attaches to the mask, believing this is who we are. This workshop provides experiences that will support you in recognizing when you are living from your mask, in discovering how to find safety when confronting what is behind your mask, and in feeling the transformational empowerment that comes from balancing body and mind from the awareness of your true essence, your Inner God Essence. 

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Living From the God Within-Brochure page 2

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Living from the God Within



Dr. Sandy heard the words that many of her clients have heard, “You have cancer.” And not unlike millions who have heard those same words, shock, confusion, fear, anger, disbelief, terror, agony, and so much more flooded in…and she had to work her way through the meaning she attached to an illness that seemed to have stripped away her joy and disconnected her from experiencing the beauty of life. The internal work she did to regain her joy and reconnect her to living in the beauty of life, as reflected in her trilogy, The Meaning of Three, has become the foundation for this workshop that supports participants in self-discovery far beyond what is generally available to us. And with that discovery comes a healing of the soul.

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